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Directing a meeting with CEO and director Jamille Cummins and Director and Chief Financial Officer Vic McCluskey.

At the conclusion of a successful meeting, with colleague Director and CFO Vic McCluskey.

In Conversation - Steve Cummins, Transworld Group

Throughout my professional life I have been approached by people from around the world seeking advice and assistance in developing and commercialising novel products and concepts.
Over time, this led me to forming Transworld Group as an international enterprise delivering for innovators a ‘one stop’ solution comprising financial, legal, corporate and commercial resources which along with the capability of ‘value adding’, created the means for innovative products and concepts to enter global markets and deliver benefit to all concerned.
Transworld looks to ‘realise dreams’ and in so doing generate wealth and consumer benefits utilizing smart business strategies pairing suitable projects with the right solutions. It both creates and develops its own projects as well as adopting projects that are brought to it by their creators and which, in addition to satisfying required investor anticipated returns, also meets our need to ‘benefit the world’. This means we are focused on sector interests such as renewable resources, waste/pollution management, communications, food security and health.

Transworld’s present global portfolio includes projects such as Tawqk, a telecommunications platform; Sokerol an organic oil and chemical waste absorbent; Tassea offering world-class foods from Tasmania; FIM (Fishing Investment and Management) which heads the pack as Australia’s leading seafood brokerage and advisory consultancy, and Hush Wind Energy which boasts the very best in silent wind turbine technology.
My vision for Transworld coupled with worldwide relationships built over many years, has meant I have been able to bring together an international executive team of various ages, skills and experience, based in different parts of the world and delivering a collective capacity to meet Transworld’s objectives.
It is our people, coupled with an innovative and collaborative spirit, global perspective and commitment to the Transworld vision, that sets us apart from others and is key to our success.
While based in Isle of Man, we are in Australia, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. This worldwide presence provides Transworld with channels to new Projects and the widest opportunities for funding, commercialisation and value realization of existing projects that might otherwise be limited by location.

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