tawqk – A Global Personal Cloud-based eXchange (PCX)


tawqk – A Global Personal Cloud-based eXchange (PCX)

tawqk – A Global Personal Cloud-based eXchange (PCX)

Hi, I’m Steve Cummins, Founder and Chairman of Transworld Group (TWG), and today I want to provide insight on a revolutionary new service we bringing out soon: ‘tawqk’ – a global Personal Cloud-based eXchange (PCX).

tawqk is a new innovation from Transworld Telecom, saving consumers money and improving the way they interact with their phone.

Essentially tawqk is a globally accessible telecommunications service packed with a range of enhanced features that have been designed to personalise the way consumers make telephone calls whilst saving them money.

tawqk’s consumers are in control of their experience, having the ability to choose which features they use across a variety of applications whether it be legacy or digital including their fixed line, mobiles, tablets, PCs. 

This ubiquitous approach is strengthen by the fact that tawqk is hosted in the Cloud. Consumers will be able to synchronise their contact lists and then assign them to defined groups creating such benefits as hunt blast and conferencing.

It should be pointed out that consumers will be not restricted by these defined groups as all of the above mentioned features will be available outside of these groups, and will be accessible using speech to dial and text dial functionality as well as directly from their smartphone & tablet applications.

Another advanced feature which is set to really change the way that consumers interact with their contacts is the ability to call their Skype or Google Talk contacts directly from their tawqk account, and without incurring any charges. This revolutionary cross platform connectivity will set tawqk apart from its competitors and will create a further incentive for consumers to try the service.

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